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Designing, manufacturing and selling welded steel and stainless steel art room equipment of demonstrable simplicity, durability, and moderate cost is what this company is 'about.'
Located in a converted roller rink, about 90 miles west of Chicago Illinois, USA, James Howard Co., has sold art room equipment of its own design and manufacture since 1972. This year, 2024, marks our fifty-second as a reliable maker of durable goods for art classrooms.

The company's first product was a large classroom easel, cited for Excellence, Design of Educational Equipment, American Iron and Steel Institute, Design In Steel 1971. It is still available.

One thing led to another. Broad acceptance of the easel in colleges, art schools, secondary schools, museums, and workshops inspired more studio equipment—all with kindred attributes—all embodying utility wedded to simplicity.

Currently James Howard Co. makes two types of drawing horses; taborets (painters' side tables); model stands with detachable accessories; moveable painting storage racks; and, of course, easels.

What we want to emphasize for you, the school buyer, is that we, as the sole manufacturer of what we sell, are well-tooled to modify our cataloged products to suit your particular needs. Typically, this is done without 'customization surcharges'.

We do business as a sole supplier, selling directly to users, public and private, anywhere painting and drawing are taught .

Artists, teachers, students, hobbyists or other end users who learn of our products by first-hand-use; word-of-mouth; or, visiting this web site, also are welcome to buy directly from us.

Thank you for visiting our web site. 
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